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Rockman's Underworld : Rockman Series : Rockman Two

Rockman 2

Rockman Two


From the Ultimate Megaman Guide to the Basics FAQ
  • Came out in Japan during 1988.
  • First Rockman with eight bosses
  • First Rockman with password feature
  • Robot Masters were made by Dr. Wily alone. (or stolen)
  • Most varied boss weaknesses (MY favorite listed)
  • Unlike American Version, cannot change difficulty. (always on hard, naturally!)


Besides the weapons you get from the robot masters, you can also collect:
Item 1
Floating Elevator, obtained after defeating Heatman.

Item 2
Jet Sled, obtained after defeating Airman. Prototype of Rush Jet?

Item 3
Wall climber, obtained after defeating Flashman. Prototype of Rush Coil? (it bounces, doesn't it?)

Robot Masters

AirMan AirMan (009)
Weapon: Air Shot
Weakness: Leaf Shield
MidiFile: rm2_air.mid
MetalMan MetalMan (010)
Weapon: Metal Blades
Weakness: Quick Boomerang
MidiFile: rm2_metl.mid
BubbleMan BubbleMan (011)
Weapon: Bubble Lead
Weakness: Arm Cannon
MidiFile: rm2_bub.mid
QuickMan QuickMan (012)
Weapon: Quick Boomerang
Weakness: Time Stopper
MidiFile: rm2_quik.mid
ClashMan ClashMan (013)
Weapon: Crash Bombs
Weakness: Air Shot
MidiFile: rm2_clsh.mid
FlashMan FlashMan (014)
Weapon: Time Stopper
Weakness: Bubble Lead
MidiFile: rm2_flsh.mid
HeatMan HeatMan (015)
Weapon: Atomic Fire
Weakness: Bubble Lead
MidiFile: rm2_heat.mid
WoodMan WoodMan(016)
Weapon: Leaf-Shield
Weakness: Metal Blades
MidiFile: rm2_wood.mid

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Download Rockman2 NES rom image.
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