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Rockman I

Rockman One


From the Ultimate Megaman Guide to the Basics FAQ
  • Came out in Japan in 1991
  • First Gameboy Appearance of Rockman.
  • First Rockman game to combine bosses from two different games in one.


Besides the weapons you get from the robot masters, you can also collect:
CA Weapon
Allows you to create a temporary platform right under you. Useful when falling.

Robot Masters

CutMan CutMan (003)
Weapon: Rolling Cutter
Weakness: Fire Storm
IceMan IceMan (005)
Weapon: Ice Slasher
Weakness: Elec Beam
FireMan FireMan (007)
Weapon: Fire Storm
Weakness: Ice Slasher
ElecMan ElecMan (008)
Weapon: Elec-Beam
Weakness: Rolling Cutter
BubbleMan BubbleMan (011)
Weapon: Bubble Lead
Weakness: Arm Cannon
QuickMan QuickMan (012)
Weapon: Quick Boomerangs
Weakness: Flash Stopper
FlashMan FlashMan (014)
Weapon: Time Stopper
Weakness: Bubble Lead
Heat Man HeatMan (015)
Weapon: Atomic Fire
Weakness: Bubble Lead

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Rockman I Gameboy
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