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Rockman's Underworld : Rockman Series : Rockman X1

Rockman X1

Rockman X1


From the Ultimate Megaman Guide to the Basics FAQ
  • First Rockman Game on SuperFamicon
  • Alternate Timeline, in far future
  • New power up system


Besides the weapons you get from the robot masters, you can also collect:
Head Enhancement
You can break blocks above you, like in Mario

Hand Enhancement
You can charge your weapons, and super-charge your plasma gun.

Feet Enhancement
You can dash, as well as break blocks with your feet.

Armour Enhancement
Decreases damage to you.

Increases your life capacity.

Acts like an energy tank. You must recharge it, and you may use it over and over.

Robot Masters

Burning Noumander Burning Noumander (0XX)
Weapon: Flame Gun
Weakness: Cyclone
MidiFile: rx1_mamm.mid
Sting Chameleao Sting Chameleao (0XX)
Weapon: Sting Ray
Weakness: Boomerang
MidiFile: rx1_chem.mid
Armor Armage Armor Armage (0XX)
Weapon: P Barrier
Weakness: Electric Shock
MidiFile: rx1_armi.mid
Icy Penguigo Icy Penguigo (0XX)
Weapon: Ice Gun
Weakness: Flame Gun
MidiFile: rx1_peng.mid
Launcher Octopuld Launcher Octopuld(0XX)
Weapon: Launch Torpedos
Weakness: P Barrier
MidiFile: rx1_octo.mid
Boomer Kuwanger Boomer Kuwanger (0XX)
Weapon: Boomerang
Weakness: Launch Torpedos
MidiFile: rx1_kygr.mid
Spark Mandriller Spark Mandriller (0XX)
Weapon: Electric Shock
Weakness: Ice Gun
MidiFile: rx1_mand.mid
Storm Eagleed Storm Eagleed (0XX)
Weapon: Tornado Blast
Weakness: Chameloen Ray
MidiFile: rx1_egle.mid

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