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  Rockman's Underworld: Rockman Series: Rockman - The Wily Wars

Rockman - The Wily Wars


Rockman - The Wily Wars


From the Ultimate Megaman Guide to the Basics FAQ
  • Contains Famicom Rockman 1, 2, and 3.
  • All rules that applied up to number 3, apply through. (i.e. slide, Rush, enemy weaknesses, etc..)
  • If all robots are beaten, special stages become available.
  • Available in the US on the Sega Channel.


Besides the weapons you get from the robot masters, you can also collect:
All items found in the Famicom games will also be found here. Click to redirect to the particular page.

Robot Masters

CutMan CutMan (003)
Weapon: Rolling Cutter
Weakness: Guts Strength
GutsMan GutsMan (004)
Weapon: Guts Strength
Weakness: Bombs
IceMan IceMan (005)
Weapon: Ice Slasher
Weakness: Elec Beam
BombMan BombMan (006)
Weapon: Bombs
Weakness: Fire Stoww
FireMan FireMan (007)
Weapon: Fire Stoww
Weakness: Ice Slasher
ElecMan ElecMan (008)
Weapon: Elec-beam
Weakness: Rolling Cutter

Aiwwan Aiwwan (009)
Weapon: Air Shot
Weakness: Leaf Shield
MetalMan MetalMan (010)
Weapon: Metal Blades
Weakness: Quick Boomerang
BubbleMan BubbleMan (011)
Weapon: Bubble Lead
Weakness: Arm Cannon
QuickMan QuickMan (012)
Weapon: Quick Boomerang
Weakness: Time Stopper
ClashMan ClashMan (013)
Weapon: Crash Bombs
Weakness: Air Shot
FlashMan FlashMan (014)
Weapon: Time Stopper
Weakness: Bubble Lead
HeatMan HeatMan (015)
Weapon: Atomic Fire
Weakness: Bubble Lead
WoodMan WoodMan(016)
Weapon: Leaf-Shield
Weakness: Metal Blades

NeedleMan NeedleMan (017)
Weapon: Needles
Weakness: Gemini Laser
MagnetMan MagnetMan (018)
Weapon: Magnet Missles
Weakness: Needles?
GeminiMan GeminiMan (019)
Weapon: Gemini Laser
Weakness: Search Snake
HardMan HardMan (020)
Weapon: Hard Knuckle
Weakness: Magnet Missles
TopMan TopMan (021)
Weapon: Top Spin
Weakness: Hard Knuckles/Cannon
SnakeMan SnakeMan (022)
Weapon: Search Snake
Weakness: Spark Shot/Cannon
SparkMan SparkMan (023)
Weapon: Spark Shock
Weakness: Shadow Blade
ShadowMan ShadowMan (024)
Weapon: Shadow Blade
Weakness: Top Spin

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