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The Rockman Experience :: HOME

pssst: I have another site up, which is a bit of a mirror of this site, but with more content. This site is basically the same... but with more content. The page is visible most of the time. Give it a try...

Welcome to The Rockman Experience. We are currently in the process of enlisting partners for the continuing effort of updating the site. I have realized that this is too much of a time-consumer for me to update and run by my self. Perhaps in July and August (my time off school), the updates to this page will become more frequent, but until I get some help from others, this project is too much to handle by myself.

You may check up on some of the pages. Even though they are being updated slowly, they will still be updated. Right now, the Rockman One page is partially complete.

Well, enjoy your stay, live life to it's fullest.

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