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  • This site is in a state of not-updating-frequently-itis. Don't expect too much new content... just yet...
  • Keep an eye on an excellent site-in-progress:
  • Read the news ( PLEASE!! ), then vote for the future of this site! (on the Game Index).
  • Rockman and all associated names and places are not only fictional, but they are currently copyrighted by Capcom of Japan, and their departments, like Capcom America
  • This page is in no way affliated with Capcom, nor does Capcom endorse the expansion of this page, or agree to the content.
  • All rom images are copyrighted software. You must first own the game to download and use the rom images on your computer. You shouldn't even own the rom image for 24 hours (who came up with that?). If you get into trouble with the FBI, the CIA, or the MI6, it's not my problem.
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