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Rockman's Underworld : The Rockman Series


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GameBoy Games:

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About the Author

It's TIME!

It's time to vote for a NEW FACE for Rockman's Underworld, soon to be known as "The Megaman Legacy

We have three different choices here, and any comments you supply may result in a fourth or fifth.

#1 - my favorite

This is site example number one. It offers a quick-loading interface, printer-friendly pages, and is very simple to browse through to get to what you want. From start to finish, to find a page you want, you'd click on the series, then game, and the information on any given game is right there.

#2 - The Javascripted

This is site example number two. It is a reletively small pop-up window, which provides a quick'n'dirty way to get your information. Since it is a popup window, you may not resize it, or navigate that well. To find your game, the start page would have the title-screen of each game, and you would click on that game.

#3 - No-Frames

This is the third example site. You may have seen it before. It is a non-framed site which partially resembles this site, page for page. A side-bar would provide all the game links, much like this page. Only, less images.

Rockman's Underworld's Future
Which example site above most appeals to you?

#1 Frames, Printable, Fast-Loading
#2 Javascript, Small, Quick
#3 Non-Frames, Partially Finished

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