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Rockman's Underworld : Rockman Series : Rockman Seven

Rockman 7

Rockman Seven


From the Ultimate Megaman Guide to the Basics FAQ
  • First SuperFamicom Game to continue the original series.
  • Two Item-Screens (to hold all the items, no doubt!)
  • Many many many hidden items
  • Introductions to: Auto.


Besides the weapons you get from the robot masters, you can also collect:
Rush Coil
Added boost for Rockman. Start game with it.

Rush Jet
Vertical control Rush Jet. Found in Junk Man's Stage.

Energy Balancer
Distributes weapon energy picked up to the most depleated weapon, without having to bring that weapon out first. Bought in the shop.

S. Adaptor
Rush morphs with Rockman to form both a stronger Rockman, who can also launch his arm when fighting. Found with Letters to spell R U S H

Rush Search
Rush searches for items in the area. Found a significant item only if he barks. Found in FreezeMan's Stage.

Exit Adaptor
Allows you to exit a stage whenever you want. Found in Freezeman's level (hidden)

Rocket Punch
Upgrade S. Adaptor to throw fist farther, and give it heat sinking abilities. Found in TurboMan's level (hidden)

Eddie's Lost Screw
Allows Eddie to make new items, and cut's items in half. Found in SpringMan's Stage

Blues's Shield
Perhaps the best item in the game. And the hardest to get. Blocks most small plasma shots. Wanna know how? E-Mail me.

Robot Masters

FreezeMan FreezeMan (049)
Weapon: Freeze Cracker
Weakness: Junk Shield
MidiFile: rm7_frez.mid
JunkMan JunkMan (050)
Weapon: Junk Shield
Weakness: Thunder Strike
MidiFile: rm7_junk.mid
BurstMan BurstMan (051)
Weapon: Danger Wrap
Weakness: Burning Wheel
MidiFile: rm7_brst.mid
CloudMan CloudMan (052)
Weapon: Thunder Strike
Weakness: Danger Wrap
MidiFile: rm7_clud.mid
SpringMan SpringMan (053)
Weapon: Wild Coil
Weakness: Slash Claw
MidiFile: rm7_sprg.mid
SlashMan SlashMan (054)
Weapon: Slash Claw
Weakness: Freeze Cracker
MidiFile: rm7_slsh.mid
ShadeMan ShadeMan (055)
Weapon: Noise Crush
Weakness: Wild Coil
MidiFile: rm7_shad.mid
TurboMan TurboMan(056)
Weapon: Burning Wheel
Weakness: Noise Crush
MidiFile: rm7_tubo.mid

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