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Rockman IV

Rockman Two


From the Ultimate Megaman Guide to the Basics FAQ
  • Came out in Japan in 1991
  • Nothing else interesting about this game o_O


Besides the weapons you get from the robot masters, you can also collect:
Rush Coil
Extends jumping ability. Won from CrashMan

Rush Jet
Allows Rock to ride on Rush, as he flies. Won from AirMan

Rush Marine
Navigate easily though the water. Won from Metalman

Robot Masters

WoodMan ToadMan
Weapon: Leaf Shield
Weakness:Metal Blade
MetalMan Metalman
Weapon: Metal Blade
Weakness: Clash Bombs
AirMan AirMan
Weapon: Air Shooter
Weakness: Leaf Shield
ClashMan ClashMan
Weapon: Clash Bombs
Weakness: Air Shooter
MagnetMan Magnet Man
Weapon: Magnet Missile
Weakness: Needle Cannon
NeedleMan NeedlemMan
Weapon: Needle Shot
Weakness: Air Shooter
HardMan Hard Man
Weapon: Hard Knuckle
Weakness: Magnet Missiles
Top Man TopMan
Weapon: Top Spin
Weakness: Hard Knuckle

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