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Rockman V

Rockman Five


From the Ultimate Megaman Guide to the Basics FAQ
  • Came out in Japan in 1994
  • First and only Rockman Gameboy game enhanced for the Super Gameboy
  • First appearance of Tango, the ill-tempered cat.
  • First time game doesn't use NES bosses
  • Also Features P-Chips
  • Your normal RockBuster is useless, and is not used.


Besides the weapons you get from the robot masters, you can also collect:
Mega Hand
Reach out and get items from afar.

Grab Buster
Reach out and touch someone. Damages them.

Rush Coil
Extends jumping ability. Won from Venus.

Rush Jet
Allows Rock to ride on Rush, as he flies.

Robot Masters

Mercury Mercury
Weapon: Grab Buster ??
Weakness: Black Hole
MidiFile: mw5_merc.mid
Neptune Neptune
Weapon: Salt Water
Weakness: Deep Digger
MidiFile: mw5_nept.mid
Mars Mars
Weapon: Photon Missle
Weakness: Salt Water
MidiFile: mw5_mars.mid
Venus Venus
Weapon: Bubble Bomb
Weakness: Photon Missle
MidiFile: mw5_vens.mid
Pluto Pluto
Weapon: Break Dash
Weakness: Grab Buster
MidiFile: mw5_plto.mid
Uranus Uranus
Weapon: Deep Digger
Weakness: Break Dash
MidiFile: mw5_uran.mid
Jupiter Jupiter
Weapon: Electric Shock
Weakness: Bubble Bomb
MidiFile: mw5_jptr.mid
Saturn Saturn
Weapon: Black Hole
Weakness: Electric Shock
MidiFile: mw5_satn.mid

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Rockman V Gameboy
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