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Rockman's Underworld : Rockman Series : Rockman X3

Rockman X3

Rockman X3


From the Ultimate Megaman Guide to the Basics FAQ
  • Has a special chip in the SNES version
  • Sigma returns
  • Collect special Mechsuits you can access with special pods
  • One of four EXTRA powerups you can get, but only one.


Besides the weapons you get from the robot masters, you can also collect:
Head Enhancement
You can identify and locate special items that are usually hidden, as well as a map of the level.

Hand Enhancement
You can charge your weapons, and super-charge your plasma gun.

Feet Enhancement
You can dash in the air with this enhancement.

Armour Enhancement
Decreases damage to you, and puts up a shield when you are hit.

Increases your life capacity.

Acts like an energy tank. You must recharge it, and you may use it over and over.

Second Feet Enhancement
One of four EXTRA enhancements, you can dash in the air twice

Second Armour Enhancement
One of four EXTRA enhancements, more damage is displaced, and you can regain energy by standing still

Second Cannon Enhancement
One of four EXTRA enhancements, damage is converted into charged-shot energy, allowing you to rapidly fire charged shots

Mech Modules
Items allowing you to transport one of four mechs with varied skills to a mech pod. (??? will clarify later)

Robot Masters

Acid Seahorse Acid Seahorse
Weapon: Acid Burst
Weakness: Frost Shield
Screw Massaider Tunnel Rhino
Weapon: Screw Massaider
Weakness: Acid Burst
Elecitail Namazroth Elecitail Namazroth
Weapon: Triad Thunder
Weakness: Tornado Fang
Scissors Shrimper Scissors Shrimper
Weapon: Spinning Boomerang
Weakness: Triad Thunder
Shining Tiguard Shining Tiguard
Weapon: Ray Splasher
Weakness: Spinning Blade
Gravity Beatbood Gravity Beatbood
Weapon: Gravity Well
Weakness: Ray Splaser
Exploze Hornet Exploze Hornet
Weapon: Parasitic Bomb
Weakness: Gravity Well
Frozen Buffalio Frozen Buffalio
Weapon: Frost Shield
Weakness: Parasitic Bomb

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