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Rockman's Underworld : Rockman Series : Rockman X4

Rockman X4

Rockman X4


From Miranda Paugh's Megaman HomePage
  • Choose either X or Zero, and story seperate for each
  • Weapons recharged when you die


Besides the weapons you get from the robot masters, you can also collect:
Boots Capsule
Allows X to Air-Dash, as well as Hover for a short time

Helmet Capsule
Special weapons do not use up weapon energy

X-Buster Capsule
Store charged shots for rapid disposal

Second X-Buster Capsule
A plasma shot that does splash damage for a short while

Armor Capsule
A more improved air dash, the Nova Strike offers invincibilty while in use

Increases your life capacity.

Acts like an energy tank. You must recharge it, and you may use it over and over.

Robot Masters

Frost Kibatodos Frost Kibatodos
Weapon: Frost Tower
Weakness: Rising Fire
Jet Stingren Jet StingRay
Weapon: Ground Hunter
Weakness: Frost Tower
Web Spidus Web Spidus
Weapon: Lighting Web
Weakness: Twin Slasher
Split Mushroom Split Mushroom
Weapon: Soul Body
Weakness: Lightning Web
Cyber Kujacker Cyber Kujacker
Weapon: Aiming Laser
Weakness: Soul Body
Storm Fukuroul Storm Fukuroul
Weapon: Double Cyclone
Weakness: Aiming Laser
Magmard Dragoon Magmard Dragoon
Weapon: Rising Fire
Weakness: Double Cyclone
Slash Beastleo Slash Beastleo
Weapon: Twin Slasher
Weakness: Ground Hunter

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